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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Amy Stewart

    Wow, I can't believe how much fit into that bag, but made some great new beanbags and still have left over.

  • Bruce Mitchell

    Cheap and simple, does what it says on the tin, need I say more - thanks

  • Brenda Griffin

    Got this to fix up some of the kids older stuffed toys that the dog destroyed. cheap simple and effective

  • Mildred Powell

    Quick delivery and a good price, I go through bags and bags of the stuff in the shop

  • Gerald Wright

    This made life simpler fantastic job GB FOAM

  • James Butler

    We used one of these on either side of our sons crib and he doesn't wake us up nearly half as much in the night - think he may have been hitting his head on the railings.

  • Angela Jackson

    Only after a week with the new cushion for my dad and I can tell his quality of life has improved so much. great work

  • Amy Howard

    Quick and easy delivery and a good price - nice work guys

  • Nicole Kelly

    Absolutely perfect for cleaning the car out after taking the dogs on along journey

  • Andrew Patterson

    I used to get terrible neck ache with too soft or too flat pillows but this has made a world of difference

  • William Cox

    We got this for the grandchildren's room and had no complaints so far - good work GB foam

  • Doris Gray

    fantastic mattress, even better price - my back salutes you

  • Mary Edwards

    bought for the price but couldn't believe how good this felt when I laid down

  • Keith Wright

    I got this for the spare room, really comfortable for the price

  • Henry Williams

    Fantastic for the spare room, so comfy

  • Chris Richardson

    Well my boss isn't going to be happy that I'm turning up late for work because I don't want to get out of bed anymore haha

  • James White

    This mattress is top quality, it's so much better than my old sprung one

  • Samuel Robinson

    Best night sleep I've had in a long time - thanks GB foams

  • Robert Phillips

    Got this for when my nan came out of hospital, its so much better for her sores than a normal mattress

  • Norma Jackson

    This makes life so much easier for private care just having a wipe-able surface and less dressing mess makes it all the more worth it.

  • Sarah Johnson

    OMG love this mattress, its like sleeping in a cloud.

  • Rachel Edwards

    Haven't tried it yet but delivery was fast and service was great.

  • Patrick Robinson

    Going from an old broken sprung mattress to this was like Midas turning iron into gold - wow the difference a good mattress makes is ridiculous.

  • Linda Moore

    Picked up a couple of these for the kids and had no complaints yet, good work GB foam

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