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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Pamela Scott

    These tiles combined with the blue ones look so good in my recording studio and the sound quality of my mic has shot through the roof

  • Michael Turner

    I always find it amazing how much sound deadening like this works, even just a few tiles on a wall makes a big difference, had to go all the way though using the guides, my cinema room is just so good now.

  • Judith Powell

    cant believe how easy this was in comparison to trying to cut it out myself, simple order and poof your foam is there the next day with a perfect shape

  • Harry Stewart

    The measuring guide made this so much easier, I tried to order from another company before but kept messing up my order, excellent work GB foam direct, will use again.

  • Barbara Russell

    Fantastic service, next day delivery that means next day and a good price, what more could you want, would recommend

  • Steven Butler

    Looking forward to trying the mattress out properly in the future. Pleased with how everything turned out.

  • Bill Hall

    This was fantastic, I now have some dots for my pac man cushion to munch on. great work GB Foam

  • Ruth White

    Brilliant the foam was cut to the right size and arrived on time. Great work! :)

  • Kimberly Morris

    Got some shapes cut out for the kids' play room, works a treat fantastic job GB

  • Ralph Bell

    Well they say if the shoe fits wear it and I say if the seat's comfortable sit on it lol. great work guys will use again

  • Victoria Robinson

    my new window seat is so comfy tried a few other suppliers in the past but they never got the feel just right, then comes along GB foam and I'm happy now.

  • Daniel Wilson

    I really can't believe how easy to get this cut to shape was, the website does so much to help 10 out of 10 will use again for other projects

  • Karen Rivers

    The triangle was perfect, Pythagoras would be proud :) , but on a serious note, excellent product, excellent service.

  • Gary Jackson

    great work guys would reccomend and would use again.

  • Richard Murphy

    The foam was cut to my specifications perfectly. Delivery was when they said it would and was a very competitive price great work GB foam

  • Thomas Anderson

    Great work by GB Foam, didn't think that a replacement could feel like new but the sofa feels like its just come off the delivery truck - would highly recommend

  • David Hall

    Fantastic price, excellent fit and great service ten out of ten for GB foam

  • Cat Richardson

    Got a few of these and made some Tetris style scatter cushions, my boyfriend being the massive child that he is absolutely loved them and surprisingly very comfy too.

  • Alan Harris

    Excellent service everything went smoothly, will use again

  • Cynthia Lee

    Great quality, Great service 10/10

  • Greg Walker

    Fits perfectly, wasn't sure it would measure up on the 'L' part but fit in very well will use again when i destroy my next sofa haha

  • Debra Perry

    Super easy to order and fast delivery. Top seller.

  • Matthew Edwards

    When the wife said "you couldn't do it and just take it to a seamstress" - ha showed you

  • Erica Hughes

    My caravan cushions have had a new breath of life. Thank you.

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