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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Stephen Campbell

    Very happy with my order. Different to what I'm used to, but I definitely prefer it.

  • Tammy Peterson

    Got the kids making their own bean bag chairs with this, fun activity and cheap furniture lol

  • James Jackson

    This topper has saved my back so much this season I can actually walk around in the morning and not have to wait an hour before setting up for breakfast.

  • David Martin

    Fitted great and quick delivery would recommend.

  • Wayne Bell

    The kit came quick, it fitted perfect and a decent price too which is something you don't often get on the older dubs - will use again

  • Henry Evans

    Had been renovating the classic for 6 months now and messed up the cuts so many times. thank you GB you've saved my restoration

  • Deborah Parker

    Cant wait to get these fitted, I'm so excited :)

  • Donald Bailey

    I have been looking for a decent company that will do the foam for 'the Dubbs' for so long GB you really didn't disappoint.

  • Chris Henderson

    OK so got the big kit because for an extra tenner, why not? The quality of sound my receivers put out sounded good before, sounds awesome now - great work GB foam

  • Amy Morgan

    Just what I needed with my new woofer shaking my bones to dust lol

  • Diane Kelly

    Looks great, Sounds excellent, need I say anymore?

  • James Phillips

    OK I wasn't sure if these would make any difference but wow! my system sounds so much better and can't believe that it didn't cost an arm and a leg.

  • Roger Phillips

    Sounds so good now I have all the acoustic foam in place, just makes my new surround sound pop with clarity

  • Martin Moore

    These have got rid of so much echo in my studio and look amazing, will be buying more when I do the studio re-vamp

  • Pamela Scott

    These tiles combined with the blue ones look so good in my recording studio and the sound quality of my mic has shot through the roof

  • Michael Turner

    I always find it amazing how much sound deadening like this works, even just a few tiles on a wall makes a big difference, had to go all the way though using the guides, my cinema room is just so good now.

  • Judith Powell

    cant believe how easy this was in comparison to trying to cut it out myself, simple order and poof your foam is there the next day with a perfect shape

  • Harry Stewart

    The measuring guide made this so much easier, I tried to order from another company before but kept messing up my order, excellent work GB foam direct, will use again.

  • Barbara Russell

    Fantastic service, next day delivery that means next day and a good price, what more could you want, would recommend

  • Steven Butler

    Looking forward to trying the mattress out properly in the future. Pleased with how everything turned out.

  • Bill Hall

    This was fantastic, I now have some dots for my pac man cushion to munch on. great work GB Foam

  • Ruth White

    Brilliant the foam was cut to the right size and arrived on time. Great work! :)

  • Kimberly Morris

    Got some shapes cut out for the kids' play room, works a treat fantastic job GB

  • Ralph Bell

    Well they say if the shoe fits wear it and I say if the seat's comfortable sit on it lol. great work guys will use again

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