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Jump For Joy With Trampoline Park Foam

Trampoline Park Foam Pit Foam

UK’s Trampoline Park Craze Soars.

In 2014 the United Kingdom was home to only four indoor trampoline parks. The first of which, Bounce, in Milton Keynes, opened in May 2014. Today, there are over 100 indoor trampoline parks in the UK, most of which use trampoline park foam.

But what is it that has attracted so many investors to pursue a business in the world of indoor trampoline parks? Why are we at GB Foam supplying more trampoline park foam to businesses than ever before? Why are the people of the UK and mainland Europe suddenly so fascinated with bouncing around? Let’s jump to it and find out.

What’s causing the Jump in Indoor Trampoline Parks?

Trampolines were once seen as a novelty for kids or a tool for gymnasts. Sure, as adults we’ve all had a bounce on the garden trampoline after one too many, the less said about that though the better. Kids still love trampolines today and naturally so do gymnasts. However, we’re also seeing a rising surge in adults who love to bounce and jump for joy. Trampolines are excellent fun no matter what age you are. With the introduction of indoor trampoline parks, the stigmatic shackles of trampolines being associated with children are being cast aside.

With the introduction of and growing success of the UK’s first indoor trampoline parks, many business brains took notice of an increasing demand. Today the UK is home to many trampoline parks, mostly all fitted with trampoline park foam pits.

Entrepreneurs of mainland Europe are beginning to take note of the UK’s successful indoor trampoline parks. Now many are starting to show up across the continent. Although popular with children and teenagers, many adults also show a keen interest in this pastime. This provides a huge spectrum for potential custom. With an average price of £11.00 a session, that’s potentially a huge return on your investment.

How Can Trampoline Park Foam Benefit A Trampoline Park?

Installing a trampoline park foam pit into your trampoline park provides a wide range of potential. Trampoline park foam pits enhance a customer’s experience. Some trampoline parks can prove to be relatively restrictive. A foam pit however, broadens the possibilities for users.

Trampoline park foam pits allow for much bigger stunts and much more fun, whilst providing unmatched protection. They can also be combined with a number of unique activities such as rock climbing. Our sister company Gym Pit Foam recently compiled a comprehensive list of the ultimate uses for pit foam. For more on this, make sure to read Foam Cubes and Their Many Uses over on our Gym Pit Foam website.

Trampoline park foam pits have the potential to help introduce brand new elements to a park. This in turn helps businesses to stand out from the growing list of competitors. To truly become a cut above the rest, a trampoline park foam pit is a must.

Where To Purchase Trampoline Park Foam.

As aforementioned, our sister company Gym Pit Foam are specialists in all things pit foam related including trampoline pit foam. They can provide you with everything you need to create the ultimate trampoline park foam pit. With a wide variety of foam to choose from as well as the possibility to match almost any RAL or Pantone colours, practically anything is a possibility with the team at Gym Pit Foam. Pay the Gym Pit Foam website a visit today and contact their team of professionals, to place an order.

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