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Fire Retardant Foam in the UK – Fire Safety

Fire Retardant Foam - Fire Resistant Sofa Foam Label

GB Foam’s Fire Retardant Foam Exceeds Regulation Standards.

As the UK’s longest running online manufacturer of high-quality foam, GB Foam adheres strictly to UK fire safety regulations. We manufacture fire retardant foam and ensure that all of our high-quality foam products far exceed regulatory standards. From memory foam to high-density foam, you can rest assured that the products we supply are not only superior in quality, but also in safety.

The Fire Safety Regulations for Fire Retardant Foam.

The UK Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations are in place to keep you, the consumer safe. It ensures that furniture manufacturers of all varieties uphold a certain level of responsibility when manufacturing goods. As a manufacturer of high-quality foam, this regulation dictates that GB Foam must offer you fire retardant foam. In short, the Furniture and Furnishings (Fire Safety) Regulations state that –

  1. All filling materials must adhere to specific requirements regarding ignition.
  2. Materials used for upholstery must be cigarette resistant and covers match resistant.
  3. A display label must be fitted to every new item of furniture upon sale (some exceptions apply).
  4. A five-year record of compliance must be maintained by the initial supplier of domestic upholstered furniture.

The number of UK house fire-related deaths showed to increase from the 1960s to the late 1980s. These deaths rose from 400 at the start of the 1960s, to over 700 by the 1980s. These regulations have been in place in the UK for over twenty years now. In that time it has been estimated to have saved the lives of approximately 2000 people.

Hopefully, this helps to give you an idea of what we adhere to when manufacturing our foam.

GB Foam’s Fire Retardant Foam is 100% Safe.

We recently discussed the possible dangers of using brominated flame retardants (BFR’s) in the manufacturing of flame retardant foam. For further information, you should read Sofa Foam Could Be Linked to Cancer – Do You Know What You’re Sitting On? For those with busy schedules though, we’ll sum this up briefly.

Recent studies have led researchers to believe that brominated flame retardants could be linked to a surge in UK thyroid cancer cases. BFR’s are a popular choice used in foam production due to their excellent fire resistive properties. Regardless of their ability to make products less flammable a rising concern in their carcinogenic properties have left consumers panicked. There’s no need to panic with GB Foam, however. All of our flame retardant foam products contain absolutely no brominated flame retardants yet are still highly flame resistant.

The flame retardants we use in our foam are certainly not linked to cancer. GB Foam not only aims to provide comfort in the literal sense but also comfort in knowing that our products are safe!

Now you know how much we value fire safety in our products, we hope you’ll consider choosing us for all your foam related needs.  For further information regarding the high quality and exceptionally safe foam we provide, visit our Foam Cut To Size page.

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