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Rock and Roll Bed – Relax in Your VW Campervan

Rock and Roll Bed VW Campervan

Are you getting the most from your VW campervan? If you’re the kind of person who’s traveling far and wide to soak in the sites, you’ll definitely need a rock and roll bed.

What is a Rock and Roll Bed?

A rock n roll bed is the most space efficient and comfortable way to get a great night’s sleep in your VW campervan. By purchasing a rock n roll bed, you’re not only getting a comfortable mattress to sleep on, you’re also getting a comfortable seat. The fantastic thing about rock and roll beds is that they are incredibly space efficient. This is due to their collapsible features, meaning that you can turn your VW campervan seat, into a rock and roll bed at will.

Some people prefer to buy rock and roll beds outright, whereas the more hands-on campers, like to build them at home. However, you choose to acquire a rock n roll bed, be sure to source the very best foam. Ensuring that your rock n roll bed is fully equipped with premium foam, will guarantee a fantastic night’s rest. Soon enough, you’ll be looking forward to a night in the VW and not dreading another bout of backache.

How Does a Rock and Roll Bed Work?

There are plenty of designs to choose from when selecting your rock and roll bed. Most of these, however, consist of the same premise. The back of your VW campervan acts as the place to fully lay out your rock and roll bed. Whilst your rock n roll bed remains upright, you’ve got plenty of room to store various items. When you collapse your rock and roll bed, however, you’ve got plenty of room to sprawl out and relax.

This makes a rock n roll bed the best of both worlds; precisely what you need when out on the road. Generally, it’s easy to collapse a rock and roll bed. Most designs consist of a handle or lever, which can be pulled to release the rock n roll bed mechanism. As a result, the seat will release, causing the front a back cushions to merge, thus creating a mattress. It really is simple.

Purchasing The Right Foam For Your Rock and Roll Bed

As we mentioned beforehand, the key to a great night’s sleep on your rock n roll bed is to make sure you have the right foam. Here at GB Foam Direct, we stock only the best foam on the market at the most competitive prices. All of our foam is made to ISO 9001 standards and exceeds UK fire safety regulations. We stock a wide variety of foam to choose from, meaning that you can find the best foam to suit your unique needs. By utilising our highly advanced foam cutting machinery, we are able to craft foam cut to size to fit your rock n roll bed. All orders placed are processed quickly, efficiently and professionally. Why not contact us today and find out how easy it is to get a great night’s sleep in your VW campervan?

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