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Fix Sagging Sofa Cushions With Foam Cushions

Fix Sagging Sofa Cushion

Do you own a sagging sofa? The average sofa is said to last approximately seven years. This can vary quite significantly though depending on the quality of your sofa cushions.

If you’ve got a sagging sofa it doesn’t mean that it’s destined for the skip. Why not replace your sagging sofa cushions with foam cushions from GB Foam Direct?

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I’ve Just Bought a New Sofa, Will It Become A Sagging Sofa?

Depending on where you bought your sofa from, you could be the displeased owner of a sagging sofa sooner than you may think.

Some sofa manufacturers use cheap filling materials in their sofa cushions. This is for a number of reasons, however, it sometimes comes down to a practice called planned obsolescence. You may not have ever heard of planned obsolescence, or know what it means, but chances are you’ve been the victim of it on more than one occasion.

Planned obsolescence is the practice of designing products with lesser lifespans than would be considered normal. The more companies which release products using planned obsolescence, the more we as a society lower our product lifespan expectations.

Ever wondered why elderly people seem to own products which seemingly last  forever? All the while, you can’t seem to find a toaster that lasts for more than a year! It’s not your imagination, it’s because many products were made to be more durable back then.

This is a win, win situation for some manufacturers. They get to use cheaper materials which break down faster in the hope that you’ll be buying more frequently from them.

How Can I Fix or Prevent A Sagging Sofa?

Want to prevent a sagging sofa? The first thing you need to do is check what your sofa cushions are made out of.

Remove the cushions from your sofa and open up the zip. If you find that your sofa cushions are filled with hollow fibre or blown fibre, then a sagging sofa could be coming your way.

If you happen to find that your sofa cushion covers are filled with foam, that’s a better sign. With this said, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have the best sofa cushions. If you truly want to prevent a case of sagging sofa, you should consider upgrading.

Here at GB Foam Direct, we only stock the highest quality of foam. All of our products are made to ISO 9001 quality standards and exceed UK Fire safety regulations.

We can cut foam to any size or shape. Our factory, based in High Wycombe, is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced foam cutting machinery in the industry.

Ordering New Cushions For Your Sagging Sofa

It’s easy to purchase replacement sofa cushions for your sagging couch. All you need to do is visit our replacement sofa cushions page. Here you will be prompted to follow just five simple steps, starting with selecting your foam shape and ending with placing your order for delivery.

We offer a next working day delivery service. Make sure that your order is placed before 11:30 AM Monday -Thursday and we’ll ship your order for next day delivery. Don’t settle for a sagging sofa, upgrade yours today with GB Foam Direct!

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