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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Ann Lemon

    Amazing mattress, so happy.

  • Ian Hamilton

    Excellent mattress very comfy and supportive.

  • Grant Thorne

    Just moved in and have been sleeping on a blow up bed for the past week. This is a welcome change! What a great mattress.

  • Ian Oliver

    Reasonably priced and fast delivery.

  • Lewis Phillips

    Another reason to look forward to lie in's on the weekend.

  • Harry Usher

    A top-notch mattress

  • David Hatch

    Might get you guys to do my sofa cushions next after trying out your foam.

  • Jeanne Bell

    Tried this out for the first time the other day. I never wanted to get back up.

  • Suzanne Elliot

    I love this. Thank you so so much.

  • Helen King

    Incredible :D xxx

  • Sasha Waite

    Very excited to put this to use.

  • Alan Matthews

    All arrived today, very quick.

  • Sue Russell

    My new favourite thing

  • Christine Sweeney

    The wedge is very simple to use yet effective at its job.

  • Nicholas Ellam

    Fast delivery as promised.

  • Derek Harvey

    Thank you for my new cushion

  • Paula Clancy

    Easy to use and secure 5 stars.

  • Chris Molyneaux

    I'm pleased with everything thank you.

  • Mary Sharman

    A nice big bag for the price

  • Angela Cox

    A very nice foam for filling

  • Janet Mendes

    5 stars for you love my foam crumb

  • Rick Watts

    Went for the 24 x 4 and couldn't be happier.

  • Joe Davies

    Decent company to deal with the acoustic foam is high quality and the delivery times are fast.

  • Brian Hanlon

    These bass traps are the best very cool

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