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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Vicky Hudson

    Very pleased with the results.

  • Rosa Gorman

    Arrived very quickly. Good job!

  • Anita England

    Wonderful work :)

  • Alice Bruce

    Excellent sofa cushions, very comfy.

  • Peter Steele

    Excellent service, cut to size and delivered next day for an attractive price. Perfect!

  • Helen Jones

    Has completely transformed my sofa! And so quick on delivery. Very happy to recommend!

  • Nicholas Todd

    A refreshingly pleasant company to deal with. Thank you for everything.

  • Karen Brasier

    This gets 6 stars. Here's an extra *

  • Lisa Neal

    Incredible. Never owned a better mattress.

  • Amanda Warnock

    Bought a single for our daughter and came back for your double. If that doesn't say enough I don't know what will.

  • Louise Spicer

    My son's new mattress honestly considering stealing it for the night.

  • Jerome Harwood

    Better than any mattress I've ever owned and I've paid a considerable amount more for them in the past.

  • Heidi Mercer

    Me and my husband both love your mattress. You've made two happy customers

  • Henry Simpson

    A very well rounded mattress, pleased to own it.

  • Maria Cooper

    You guys are awesome love the foam.

  • Adrian Mead

    Comfier than my bed at home

  • Julian Hickman

    Complete fluke I found this but pleased with myself for doing it :D

  • Nigel Hollis

    Perfect, a very reasonable price considering how much you get.

  • Al Baker

    Incredible kit

  • Sarah Weston

    Sprawled out on this earlier, took a lot of willpower to get back up.

  • Shirley Simms

    A definite one for dreaming. Appropriately named.

  • Joyce Winder

    Really effective

  • Nathan Hartigan

    Picked this up for my mother after she injured her knee. She was very grateful as am I.

  • Carly Holmes

    Very soft and comfortable

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