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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Gordon Murray

    Well done the foam arrived quickly and all is perfect.

  • Barry Stalker

    Very pleased with my experience using GB Foam

  • Cheryl Tooley

    Got more excited than I probably should have over this cushion. All excellent.

  • Samantha Newcomb

    Spent a lovely evening sitting on my window cushion last night.

  • Simon Paske

    This will definitely be my spot over Christmas.

  • Alyson Morris

    5 Stars for you. Very happy :) x

  • Lyndsey Kaye

    Amazing work GB Foam

  • Ian Evans

    Fantastic so glad I chose to upgrade my cushions.

  • Ken Madden

    Cut perfectly to size.

  • Rachel Henwood

    Perfect. Very quick delivery time.

  • Karen Jones

    Such great cushions, a much needed addition to my caravan.

  • James Fisher

    Can't fault GB Foam's work. Clear professionalism.

  • John Hockaday

    A perfect fit in the covers. Great work

  • Rosa Etherington

    Incredibly comfy foam

  • Finn Kelly

    Such a superb company.

  • Trevor Nell

    Best night's sleep I've ever had on this mattress.

  • June Higgs

    Very very happy. I had the whole mattress to myself this weekend and I'm secretly wishing I have the same next weekend

  • Jerry Cartwright

    Planning to have many lay in's on this.

  • Paul Symonds

    Had an old friend stay the night over the weekend and they commented on the mattress multiple times.

  • Gerald Lee

    Believe me, you could pay a lot more for a lot less elsewhere.

  • Judith Barber

    This mattress went beyond my expectations.

  • Heather Thomas

    Perfect mattress if you're on a budget, not much more for a double either which is nice.

  • Al Saffer

    Ideal for an easy & comfy bed when your out and about.

  • Jackie Edge

    mmm, luxurious :)

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