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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Sally Williamson

    So, so comfy and great for plenty of different things.

  • Philippa Herring

    Very happy to have found this.

  • Dawn Hyams

    Cheap foam in price but big in size and quality.

  • Liam Bundy

    Very good for the price. You get a full starter kit. I'd recommend going for this first.

  • Jeff Wells

    A superb range. I've bought the blue tiles, bass traps and corner cubes and love them all.

  • James Grice

    Didn't know these came in red. Really glad they do though.

  • Calin Anton

    Thanks for the fast delivery with my bass traps.

  • Claudia Rey


  • Ainsley Slater

    Wonderful tiles better than I thought they'd be.

  • Ross Simpkins

    Look stunning when all's said and done.

  • Jason Harland

    Very high-quality.

  • Ben Jamieson

    It's clear that GB Foam knew what they were doing they were able to follow my (relatively poor) instructions very well. 5 stars.

  • Terry Moran

    Cheapest quoter and fastest delivery that's a winner in my book.

  • Joe Tobin

    Fantastic work GB Foam, very happy.

  • Ronald Slade

    Pleasantly surprised you had this made and sent out within the day.

  • Andrew Young

    Happy with the new mattress you've made us. Very high quality and perfect for its intended purpose.

  • Carol McLean

    Very pleased with what I received. All as I asked.

  • Tom Walters

    good quality foam and really fast delivery.

  • Carolyn Place

    Happy customer here! Thanks

  • Michael Welch

    Thanks for getting this out to me so fast.

  • Andrew Seeking

    Precisely what I was after.

  • Anup Shah

    Excellent :D

  • Nicky Simmons

    Brilliant work GB Foam

  • Geoff Hibbert

    Great foam, fast delivery and cheapest I could find. Couldn't have asked for a better experience really

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