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Upgrade Your Outdoor Cushions To Reticulated Foam!

Reticulated Foam Outdoor Cushions Garden Furniture

Reticulated Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Summer is rapidly approaching and you’ve likely already made plenty of plans involving warm weather. Barbecues, parties, general gatherings, endless evenings and comfy outdoor cushions. Perfection!

With this to occur though, you’ll need an excellent outdoor area to gather in. You’ve got your barbecue, firepit, chiminea and sound system, but you’re forgetting one integral piece – seating!

You may think your seating is already accounted for, but there may be something you’re overlooking.

The Best Foam for Outdoor Cushions

Yes, warm weather is approaching, which is excellent! Although, as much we love Great Britain, our weather can be unpredictable. One day you could be enjoying glorious, scorching sunshine, the next torrential rain. It’s irritating, but something we’ve grown used to.

Picture this – you’ve been planning a fabulous outdoor event for weeks. It’s the night before the big party. Perhaps it’s your partner’s birthday or you’re hosting an engagement party? Maybe you don’t need an excuse to have a jolly good time! Regardless, the fridge is fully stocked, coolers are filled with refreshments, the barbecue is clean and everything has been accounted for.

Then, without warning, disaster strikes! You turn around and happen to notice water spattering against the window. Rain! You haven’t accounted for this, what about your outdoor cushions? They’re getting drenched. Try as you may to save them, they’re soaked and unfit for use.

Water Resistant Outdoor Cushions

Reticulated foam made its debut upon expensive yachts and boats. It was originally designed to remain resilient against the harshest means of water exposure.

Due to its highly advanced open cell structure, water freely passes through reticulated foam. That’s exactly what makes it perfect for use in outdoor cushions and furniture. From rainfall to accidental liquid spillages, reticulated foam greatly minimises any potential to become soaked.

Reticulated foam also provides exceptional levels of comfort. With this considered reticulated foam makes for superior use in outdoor cushions and furniture. Whether used as poolside seating, patio furniture or in sun loungers. This wonderfully comfortable, highly durable foam is sure to never disappoint.

Due to its sturdy, yet porous structure, cushions made from reticulated foam generally last longer. Foam that is allowed to become sodden naturally breaks down much faster than foam which consistently remains dry. You could go through the tiresome effort of removing your outdoor cushions whenever not in use, or you could invest in reticulated foam. This will save you plenty of time and bother.

If you’re considering upgrading your outdoor cushions to reticulated foam, be sure to visit our replacement sofa cushions page and choose reticulated foam on step 2.

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