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Upcycled Furniture – How to Make Pallet Seating

Outdoor Palette Furniture Foam

If you consider yourself to be a relatively thrifty person, or simply love the appeal of upcycled furniture, then do we have a treat for you. Outdoor furniture can be quite expensive depending on what you’re looking to buy. Cheaper outdoor furniture, on the other hand, can generally be of poor quality and a have lesser life expectancy.

The good news is, that you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get quality and visually appealing garden furniture. Why not have a go at making some wooden pallet seating for your garden, using this handy guide?

Creating Your Outdoor Upcycled Furniture – Finding Materials

In order to make wooden pallet seating, you’re naturally going to need some wooden pallets. These aren’t generally the sort of things you buy, instead, why not try looking around for some free ones? A good place to start would be searching out for landscaping companies or retailers that generally deal with heavy goods. Companies that sell stoves, ovens and other household appliances will also likely receive wooden pallets on a regular basis. These pallets tend to be a nuisance for companies and as such, they’ll most likely gladly give them away if asked nicely. See if you can get approximately ten pallets. However, this all depends on how big the area you’re working with is. In this instance though, we’ll be working with ten pallets.

Let’s Make Some Upcycled Furniture!

Once you’ve got your wooden pallets, there are a couple more things you’ll need. That being some screws and a power drill.

Take three pallets and place them into an “L” shape on the ground. This will form the base of your outdoor pallet seating. Once done, take three more pallets and place them evenly on top of the ones you’ve previously laid. This will help to give your upcycled furniture greater height. Now you need to secure the top and bottom pallets together using screws. Alternatively, you can use a strong adhesive, but screws will likely be more effective.

Once the pallets are secured, you can choose to join the three individual pallets together, or alternatively, keep them separated. Either way is fine. Take three more pallets, and remove the top half from each. These will be used to form the back of your upcycled furniture. Once again simply secure the wood to the back side of each pallet using either screws or glue.

For the remainder of the wood, you can choose to either fashion an additional table for some extra upcycled furniture, or dispose of it as you wish. As for your pallet seating, the frame is complete! All you need now is some pallet cushions.

Pallet Cushions For Your Upcycled Furniture

GB Foam Direct offers the brilliant ability to order foam cut to size using a variety of foam types. It’s easy to order pallet cushions for your upcycled furniture from us. Simply follow our five-step system and you can have your upcycled furniture cushions as quickly as the next working day.

Visit our foam cut to size page for further information regarding this service. Once you’ve received your pallet cushions, try finding a suitable fabric to cover them with. If done correctly you should now have some new beautiful upcycled furniture, complete with a set of quality pallet cushions courtesy of GB Foam.

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