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Upgrading Boat Foam With Reticulated Foam

Boat Foam Cushions - Reticulated Foam

Summer has practically landed and we’re beginning to see signs of some seriously warm weather. Perfect boat weather we think. But before you go bobbing along the shores, you should really make sure you’ve got your boat prepped. Here at GB Foam, we want to help ensure that your boat is truly the best it can be. To be in true shipshape, you should definitely consider upgrading your boat foam.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Boat Foam.

Being a device that floats on water, you’d think that most boats would come with seating suitable for wet conditions. This however is usually not the case. Boats will naturally draw water onto deck at times. This can occur for a variety of reasons such as high waves or wet shipmates. If you’ve got substandard boat foam though, you certainly won’t want it getting too wet.

Boat foam that is not manufactured for wet conditions will absorb water heavily, leaving it uncomfortable to sit on. Foam that regularly becomes sodden is much more likely to break down at a faster rate. This will eventually leave your foam seating near enough unusable, thus requiring replacement.

What Foam is Best For Boats?

Without a shadow of a doubt, reticulated foam is perfect for use on boats. In 2001 GB Foam began working alongside manufacturers in the marine sector. The aim was to create a range of foam suitable for use on boats. This project proved to be extremely successful and we have now been providing reticulated foam to many happy customers for over ten years. If you’re searching for the best boat foam on the market, you’ve found it with reticulated foam.

Don’t wait for your boats current foam to break down, and don’t waste money consistently replacing it. By making the decision to immediately switch to reticulated boat foam, you’ll be saving yourself both time and money.

What is Reticulated Foam?

Reticulated foam has an extremely advanced open cellular structure. This means that it allows fluid to pass freely through it, whilst barely absorbing any at all. This dramatically reduces the time it takes for your boat foam to dry. It also helps ensure that your seating will last much longer than regular foam ones. By reducing the foams potential to become sodden, reticulated foam will naturally last much longer than standard boat foam. This brilliant foam does all this, yet still does not sacrifice comfort. Reticulated foam is recognised as being just as comfortable, if not more comfortable than standard boat foam.

Reticulated foam isn’t just great for use on boats however; it also makes brilliant outdoor furniture cushions. For further information regarding the use of reticulated foam in outdoor cushions, be sure to read Summer is Approaching. Upgrade Your Outdoor Cushions to Reticulated Foam.

How to Upgrade Your Boat Foam.

Upgrading your current boat foam to reticulated foam is easy with GB Foam. All you’ll need to do is visit our Boat Cushions & Boat Mattresses page and follow the five simple steps. Simply select your foam shape, measure your cushions accurately, input the details, choose reticulated foam and place your order. It really is that simple, so don’t hesitate upgrade your boat foam today.

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