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Buy Foam PU Sponge Online

Foam (otherwise known as Polyurethane sponge or PU Sponge for short) can be used in a variety of applications ranging from domestic to industrial use. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your sofa cushions or require high-quality product packaging, we can help you. We’ve been supplying PU sponge to countless numbers of happy customers for over 40 years now.

Our trade was first established, through the supply of materials to High Wycombe’s once bustling furniture industry. As time went on, this once highly influential and popular furniture industry began to dwindle in popularity. Over the years, we’ve endeavoured to expand our business to make our services available to a much wider demographic. We now supply PU Sponge products to a total of 24 differing market sectors ranging from domestic to industrial. These such sectors include but are not limited to the supply of packaging, healthcare products, acoustic treatment products, mattresses and much more.

Ordering Foam Online

We own a multitude of subsidiary brands all specialising in differing market sectors. One of our most popular subsidiary brands is our Direct service. Our Direct service enables customers to purchase PU Sponge products cut to size, entirely online. We offer PU Sponge cut to size for a wide variety of applications. These such applications include replacement sofa cushions, caravan cushions, boat mattresses, camper van kits, upholstery sheets and much more. Providing you have the measurements you require, it’s easy to place an order with us.

We even offer a next day delivery service for qualifying orders, meaning you won’t have to wait long at all for your purchase. In order to qualify for next day delivery, simply place your order before 12 pm Monday – Thursday. We operate according to delivery zones, in conjunction with our courier service DPD. For further information regarding our delivery zones and to see if you qualify for next day delivery, please see our delivery page.

Why Buy from Us?

We’ve been in the business for over 40 years and in that time, have fully perfected our craft. Our factory in High Wycombe, England is fully equipped with the latest and most advanced cutting equipment. This, alongside our team of highly skilled professionals, allows us to process orders to efficiently and to the highest standards. We only ever use the highest quality materials in everything we use and will endeavour to provide the perfect product, no matter your requirements. Our materials exceed UK Fire Safety regulations and are entirely created to ISO 9001 standards.

When you make a purchase with us, you’re buying directly from the manufacturer. There’s no middleman when you make an order with us and as such no additional costs. When you purchase from a third-party, you’ll always incur additional costs. These costs are the middleman’s markup. With no mark-up from the middleman, you’ll naturally save money when buying directly from us. We don’t have expensive overhead costs like many other companies do and as such, we are able to offer our products at exceptionally competitive prices.

Using Our Direct Service

When choosing to use our Direct service, you are enabled to order our products directly from us online. All you need to do in order to receive products from us is follow the five simple steps as outlined on our website. It’s simple to do and the entire process can be carried out online. This is more time effective way to place an order as opposed to calling directly. With this said, however, we’re always happy to offer help and advice to any of our customers who may need it. Our contact details can be found here on the website, so please do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team if you have any questions at all.

5 Simple Steps – Step 1

Before you begin the ordering process, please ensure that you have already made note of the measurements that you require. This will save you more time when placing your order and will prevent you from having to stop in the midst of ordering to acquire these details. The first step in the ordering process is to select the template which you require. We have a total of 25 unique templates to choose from, which also includes a custom template option. As such, no matter what shape you require, you’ll be able to find it when using our Direct service. You’ll find all of our templates on our cut to size page; however, we’ve also refined the options into categories in order to make the selection process easier. You’ll find each cut to size service offered here within the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

5 Simple Steps – Steps 2

The next step in the ordering process is to input your measurements. If you’ve already taken your measurements go ahead and input them. Not taken any measurements? Don’t worry, you’ll need to measure up the area in which your PU Sponge product will be placed now. If you’re replacing your sofa cushions, for example, you can use your existing cushions as a guide. You will need to make a note of their length, width and depth in mm, cm or inches. Once you’re happy that your measurements are accurate, input them into the boxes provided.

5 Simple Steps – Steps 3. 4 and 5

Next, you’ll need to choose which PU Sponge type you’d like. We offer a range of varying types and grades of PU Sponge here, all which cater to different needs and requirements. We stock PU Sponge types including high-density, low-density, memory, reticulated and much more. Choose from the list provided, our descriptions will help to give you a better idea of the advantages that each type offers, thus making it easier for you to decide.

After this, you’ll be prompted to select if you require additional add-ons. Dacron and Stockinette make it easier to insert your brand-new sofa cushions into their covers, whilst also providing additional levels of protection and comfort.

Finally, you’ll need to place your order. Don’t forget that next working day delivery is available for qualifying purchases. Just be sure to check your delivery zone and place your order before 11:30 AM Monday to Thursday. For any additional information, be sure to contact our sales team directly, who will be glad to assist you with your purchase.

How Can Your Products Benefit Me?

Our products can be used for a wide variety of applications. Some customers purchase from us for the purpose of sofa cushion replacement. Others use us to buy new seating for their caravan or campervan. Whether you’re looking to buy new custom made cushions for your boat, or simply need something custom made for a special project, we’re here to help you. Can’t find what it is you’re looking for? Need to talk to us about something in particular? We’re happy to offer our expertise. Contact us today.

When Will I Recieve My Order?

Providing you placed your order with us before 11:30 am between Monday – Thursday, we’ll process your purchase for next day delivery! We understand that it can be a frustration having to wait long periods of time for the items you’ve bought. This is precisely why we offer next day delivery in this manner. Our courier of choice is DPD, who from our personal experience has a very high delivery success rate.

With this in mind though, sometimes problems can arise with delivery and your order may not arrive when expected. If this is the case, you are of course welcome to contact us or DPD, quoting the reference number you received with your confirmation email. From here, you will be given a detailed explanation of your parcels present status and an updated, estimated delivery time.

Can I Return My Purchase?

We will at our own discretion accept returns on purchases and this will need to be decided on a case by case basis. Because our products are custom made to order, we are unable to repurpose them in the instance of a return. As such, we ask that you thoroughly check all of your order details before purchasing, so as to ensure that you are satisfied with them. If you believe you have made an error, please contact us as soon as possible in order to correct any incorrect details. In the unlikely event that we make an error on your order, we will, of course, accept a return and issue either a full refund or replacement.

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