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Loveseat Cushions – Buying Replacement Foam for Loveseats

loveseat cushions

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, we thought it fitting to discuss our foam cut to size services for replacement loveseat cushions.

Loveseats have become increasingly popular in recent years. In fact, furniture retailer Swoon recently reported that sales of loveseats had increased by a staggering 4,500%.

Nowadays, it’s easy to find loveseats in a variety of styles and colours, from a multitude of different furniture retailers. These cosy seats make for a stylish and practical addition for seating one or two people.

Cosy they may be, however, loveseat cushions don’t always last. Some loveseat cushions can be made from inferior materials and over time begin to sag. This is where our foam cutting services come in handy.

What Are Loveseats?

A loveseat is essentially a two-seater sofa which is slightly smaller than a conventional two-seater sofa. They are ideal for seating in smaller rooms, where regular sized sofas would take up too much space. With more people living in smaller homes than ever before, the space-saving qualities that loveseats bring are becoming a necessary means for modern living.

Loveseats were popular during the Victorian era but gradually fell out of favour. That is until a revival of loveseats came about around the 1960s. Since then these quirky pieces of furniture have continued to grow in popularity, showing prominence in homes across the globe.

Loveseats can be made from various materials including leather, fabric, faux-suede and more. Traditionally, before the creation of foam, loveseat cushions would have been filled with feathers, straw or reeds.

Today, many furniture manufacturers choose to fill loveseat cushions with polyester fiberfill. This is a cheaper alternative which tends to quickly lose its loft.

If you find yourself constantly having to plump and rearrange your loveseat cushions, it’s time to order replacement foam cushions.

Replacing Loveseat Cushions

Ordering replacement loveseat cushions is easy with GB Foam Direct. All you need to do is follow five simple steps. Just choose the shape you need from out list below. This even includes a custom option for irregular shapes.

Once selected, you’ll be prompted to input the required measurements for your loveseat cushions. If you’re unsure how to measure for replacement foam cushions, be sure to check out our guide.

After you’ve input your measurements, simply select from one of our foam grades. We stock a wide variety of foam grades. These include Luxury Firm, Medium & Soft Sofa Foam. Be sure to read the descriptions to check whether the foam you are considering is suitable for your intended application.

We also allow customers the ability to include extras. This includes adding Dacron and Stockinette to your loveseat cushions.

Dacron is a wadding which is glued to the top and bottom of your loveseat cushions. It is intended to add additional loft to your cushions. You should expect our Dacron to add approximately 1cm to both the top and bottom. Take this into consideration when placing your order.

Stockinette meanwhile, is a netting which goes over your cushions. It allows for easy insertion and removal from cushion covers.

Once you have completed these steps, all you need to do is place your order. Remember that customers who order between Monday – Thursday before 11:00 AM can expect to receive their order the very next day.

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