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DFS Cushions, Replace Them Today!

DFS Cushion Replacement Sofa Foam

Replacement Sofa Cushions – The Solution to Discomfort

Do your DFS Cushions or the likes of, feel nowhere near as comfy as they once did? You don’t have to put up with discomfort. Replacing your sofa cushions could be the simple solution you need.

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture or an appliance, only to have it break down or diminish relatively soon after purchase? Do you have distant memories of these appliances lasting much longer way back when? Don’t worry, you’re not going crazy! These aren’t fabricated thoughts built upon a nostalgic fantasy of yesteryear. Sweets did taste better two decades ago, the air was cleaner and furniture was built to last.

There was a time when furniture manufacturers valued quality over profit. That’s exactly why grandma still owns that sofa she’s had since the 60’s. She’s not being stubborn, tight, or trying to relive her youth, she just doesn’t need another. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it right? We hate being the bearer of bad news, but those cushions you purchased recently may already be failing you! Here’s why.

Popular Sofa Manufacturers Practice Planned Obsolescence

We spoke recently about planned obsolescence in our replacement foam article. This term essentially means that during the design process, manufacturers plan for their product to break. But why would a manufacturer want their products to break? The answer is simple, profit! Manufacturers can’t have their products lasting a lifetime. If products lasted forever, then they’d never see your repeat custom. It’s much more profitable to use poor quality foam or fibre filling in cushions.

Firstly, it’s more profitable because the poor quality foam is naturally cheap. Secondly, if said cheap foam is to break down quickly, then you’re much more likely to purchase a brand new sofa. You’re familiar with a certain brand now, so you may as well go back to them. And there’s your repeat custom. It’s essentially a win-win for these companies.

Replacing the Likes of DFS Cushions Could Make Your Sofa Last Longer

It’s true that some sofa cushions don’t have great lifespans, but don’t fret! Yes, your sofa needs some work, but it can be fixed. You can take steps to rectify this with a little help from GB Foam Direct. We’re proud to be the UK’s longest running online retailer of top quality foam. We’ve been in the foam industry for more than 40 years and can help upgrade any poor quality sofa cushions you may own.

GB Foam Supplies Only the Highest Quality Foam  

Foam may not be the most interesting topic of conversation, but it plays an essential part in our modern life. From keeping you comfortable to protecting your fall; in hindsight, foam is pretty neat! We don’t believe in planned obsolescence here at GB Foam and want all of our customers to spend their hard-earned cash correctly. Some cushions may contain poor quality filling, but we’re here to provide you with a solution.

How Can I Replace My Old Sofa Cushions?

We’ve written an entire article on our foam cut to size and shape service. However, for those of you for which time is of the essence, let us break it down for you quickly. All you need to do is remove the poor quality filling from your cushions. Next, you need to measure them accurately.

Finally, you should visit our replacement sofa cushions page and follow the five simple steps outlined. We can replace sofa cushions made by practically any sofa manufacturer including DFS, SCS and more!

That’s it! You’ve just potentially saved yourself a lot of money and treated yourself to the highest quality foam on the market! Well done you.

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