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King Size Bed Size – King Size Mattress Dimensions

king size bed size

Whether you’re upgrading to a king size bed or treating yourself to a new comfy king size mattress, it’s important to know what size you need to buy.

Unfortunately, there aren’t universal measurements for mattresses. A king size bed size can sometimes vary between manufacturers and as well as the country you live in.

To help make things clearer, we’re going to give you a few examples of common king sizes bed sizes in countries around the world.

King Size Bed Size in UK & Ireland

The size of a King Size Bed is 150cm x 200cm (5 feet wide x 6 ft 6 inches in length).

In the UK and Ireland, there is no official standard king size bed size but this is the most common you will find.

We stock various models of king size mattresses as well as a king size memory foam topper. Take a look:

Be aware though, that this size can vary between manufacturers. Manufacturers in the UK and Ireland can specify certain tolerances with their products. This means that your king size mattress could vary slightly in width, depth and length compared to what is quoted. Be sure to check the terms of sale for any mention of tolerances when buying.

Although these tolerances exist, you are unlikely to notice any variations in the functionality of your mattress as a result.

European King Size Bed Dimensions

The size of a king size bed can change depending on which country in Europe you are looking at. However, there are a few common sizes found around the continent. In Northern Europe especially, a common measurement for an extra-wide bed is 200 cm x 200 cm.

In Portugal, a king size bed often measures 180 cm x 190 cm but is also available in 195 cm and 200 cm width.

It should also be noted that not all countries use the term king size to describe larger beds. For example, France has a variety of common double bed sizes with the largest of these measuring 180 cm x 200 cm.

Italy has a similar size for their beds a “letto matrimoniale” (or a matrimoniale bed) also measures 180 cm x 190 cm.

The same applies to Switzerland, which has double beds measuring 200 cm x 200 cm.

King Size Beds in America

An American King Size Bed measures 193 cm x 203 cm (76 inches x 80 inches).

America has a lot of different bed sizes. It could even be argued that there are too many. With bed size names such as Twin XXL, Expanded Queen, Alberta King and Antique Single, it’s easy enough to get confused.

What’s more, America is one of only 3 countries in the world to use the imperial measuring system instead of the metric system. This means that mattresses are measured in inches, not centimeters; which can produce some uneven results when converted.

King Size Mattress Dimensions in Other Countries

Need some more examples? Let’s fire off some quick common measurements for other countries around the world.

  • Australia – 183 x 203 cm.
  • New Zealand – 165 x 203 cm.
  • South Africa – 183 x 188 cm.
  • India – 183 x 198 cm.
  • Indonesia – 180 x 200 cm.
  • Japan – 194 x 195 cm.

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