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Simple King Size Mattress – Memory Foam

£ 249.99

Our Temperature Regulating King Size Mattress, gives the luxury of a memory foam mattress at the most affordable price. This mattress is ideal for children or occasional use.

Featuring our luxury 50kg/m3 memory foam combined with our 30kg/m3 support layer.

Overall Firmness – Soft / Medium

Mattress Size: King
Dimensions: 5ft x 6ft 6″ (150cm x 200cm)
Total Depth: 15cm
Memory Foam Depth: 2.5cm
Memory Foam Grade: 50kg/m3 Premium
Firmness: Soft / Medium
Availability: Next Day

Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Claire Kenward

    This was a replacement for a tempur mattress, we are using a tempur topping on it, but it was comfortable without and very quick delivery. Good value for money and made in Britain

  • Jeff Hudson

    This has improved my sleep ten-fold.

  • Mary Jenner

    Wow! Just wow!

  • Ian Oliver

    Reasonably priced and fast delivery.

  • Jerome Harwood

    Better than any mattress I've ever owned and I've paid a considerable amount more for them in the past.

  • Gerald Lee

    Believe me, you could pay a lot more for a lot less elsewhere.

  • Keith Graham

    Early Christmas treat for me and I love it.

  • Susan Currie

    My husband and I both love this mattress.

  • Jason Tinkler

    Much much better than I thought this would be. A quality mattress at a quality price.

  • Anne Phillips

    Recommended your mattresses to a friend as I love mine.

  • Julia Merritt

    No regrets. The quality speaks for itself.

  • Simon Collett

    My first time on memory foam and I think I'm definitely a convert now!

  • Andy Woodrow

    10x better than my old mattress and that cost me three times as much.

  • Robert Paton

    Better than I expected this to be if I'm honest, more premium than the price suggests.

  • John Struthers

    Was looking for an inexpensive mattress all over and this one came up tops. I can see why the reviews are so positive.

  • William Hoey

    Quick delivery, great price and an incredible nights sleep to follow

  • Joy East

    Very, very impressed with this mattress. Cheap price it is, cheap quality it is not.

  • Jamie Lawson

    Arrived very quickly, quicker than I thought. Good thing I was home.

  • Lucy Brown

    Great price and great quality! Excellent :) x

  • Albert Roberts

    absolutely fantastic mattress for the price you pay.

  • Sarah Murphy

    I had a really good nights sleep on this, excellent job GB foam direct

  • Evelyn Taylor

    I'm amazed by the quality of this mattress to say its the cheap one.

  • Kathleen Price

    Cheap and comfy, fantastic I'd buy another if I had another bed.

  • Katherine Bell

    Wow I'm very impressed with the quality of the cheap mattress, nothing about it feels cheap.

  • Tina Anderson

    Big and comfy, think i'll live in my bed now

  • Wayne Evans

    I was flabbergasted by how good the quality of this mattress is in comparison to its price.

  • Elizabeth Bell

    really comfortable for the price

  • Annie Clark

    Quality is fantastic for the price and quick delivery too

  • Keith Wright

    I got this for the spare room, really comfortable for the price

  • Chris Stewart

    The comfort of this feels more that then price reflects, great mattress GB well done.

  • Teresa Laker

    Feels very high quality and is extremely comfortable.

  • Julie Sim

    Considering how comfy it is, I really can't argue at the price.

  • Angela Partridge

    This mattress was a bargain, best one I've ever owned.

  • Grace Kent

    Put in the guest room. Really nice mattress, hoping it lasts that way.

  • Frank Willis

    Best nights sleep in a long time.

  • Harry Taylor

    Very good quality for the price. I'm impressed.

  • Jimmy Evans

    Really good price for the quality. Ordered a few of these for our hotel and guests love them!

  • Scarlett Thomson

    So, so impressed with this mattress considering it's only £169.99. Much cheaper than other online mattresses and I'm super pleased with this one.

  • Eloise Sanderson

    This is a wonderful mattress for the price, I'm not sure why it's so cheap haha! Not complaining though.

  • Cerys Todd

    Needed a new mattress fast and this website offered next day delivery. I'm really liking it so far. Even though it's cheap, it feels premium.

  • Emily Mitchell

    A very nice mattress indeed. Arrived the next day after I ordered it.

  • Lisa Richardson

    Wow! Great mattress at an even better price!

  • Andrew Parker

    Great nights sleep. Nice and firm with memory foam comfort.

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