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What You Should Consider When Choosing a Guest Mattress

guest mattress

A guest mattress is arguably the most important factor to consider when creating your guest room. Naturally, you’ll want anybody visiting your home to feel comfortable throughout their entire stay.

Our Range of Guest Bed Mattresses

Choosing the Best Guest Mattress

The first thing to consider when creating a guest bedroom should be the bed and mattress. You’ll need to factor in the measurements of the room when deciding which size bed frame to opt for.

A bed frame which is too small for a room could be uncomfortable for your guest. On the other hand, a bed frame which is too large for your guest room may render it impractical. It really depends on the amount of space you have to work with.

Once you’ve decided on a size, you’ll need to turn your attention towards purchasing a guest mattress. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed here by the sheer level of options you’ll encounter. Don’t worry, we’re here to help guide you.

Consider Your Budget For a Guest Mattress

Creating a guest room can be expensive. Not all furniture comes cheap, so it’s always worthwhile to save money where you can. The price of a mattress can vary greatly depending on its type, size and the company which is selling it.

Here at GB Foam, we like to offer our customers a guest mattress option which doesn’t cost the earth. Our Cheap Memory Foam Mattress is a practical and inexpensive guest mattress for those working to a budget. Priced at under £100 for a single, this mattress offers all the sleep benefits memory foam brings at a fraction of the price when compared to other retailers.

It’s important to understand that a mattresses price tag doesn’t always reflect the quality. We’ve been creating high-quality foam products here at GB Foam for more than 40 years. Everything we create is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards and our foam exceeds UK fire safety regulations!

Get a Comfortable Guest Mattress!

A guest mattress should be comfortable, that’s a given. Unfortunately, some simply don’t offer enough in this area. It’s also beneficial to consider that what works for you might not work for your guest. Comfort can be subjective and what you might find comfortable may be the complete opposite for your guest.

Foam is a versatile material, it comes in different grades and densities which all suit different applications. For years we’ve worked to develop a range of mattresses which suit people no matter their preference.

For example, some people had complaints that memory foam, while comfortable, felt too hot to sleep on. This is why we’ve incorporated a specialised, machine washable Coolmax cover onto all of our mattresses.

This advanced material wicks moisture from your body which helps to regulate your temperature at night. It’s the same material used in a range of sportswear endorsed by top athletes.

Our attitude towards continued development helps us to make our range of memory foam mattresses the very best they can be.

A Guest Mattress That’s Practical for You!

Not everybody can get to a shop to test out a mattress, sometimes ordering online is much more efficient. When you buy a mattress from GB Foam Direct, we deliver it directly to your front door.

Because our mattresses are made from memory foam, we can roll and vacuum seal them. This makes delivery much easier for you and for your courier. Don’t be alarmed if your mattress isn’t as you’d except it upon delivery. We find that rolling and vacuum sealing your guest mattress makes navigating your home easy.

Simply move it to your guest room and unseal it. Air will quickly begin to fill the cells of your mattress once more. Within a few hours, it will have returned to its original shape and will be ready for use.

Ask Us About Our Guest Mattress Range

Want to know more about the mattresses we sell here at GB Foam Direct? Then get in touch! A member of our team will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our products. If you want to see our full range be sure to visit our memory foam mattress website.

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