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How To Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow Using Foam Crumb

Tooth Fairy Pillow Foam

What is a Tooth Fairy Pillow?

A tooth fairy pillow is the best way for the tooth fairy to visit without having to squeeze under your child’s pillow at night.

The tooth fairy has a hard enough job as it is, having to carry around a bag full of teeth, whilst traveling from home to home. Her job is only made harder by having to strategically replace a tooth with a coin without waking the kids.

Give the tooth fairy a break, help her out by making this fantastic pillow using foam crumb.

What You’ll Need To Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow

Making your very own tooth fairy pillow is easy! Before you begin, however, you’ll need a few things. The first thing you’ll need is some foam crumb from GB Foam Direct.

We stock a variety of foam crumb, including high-density foam crumb, memory foam crumb and a mix of both. The great news is, that you’ll be able to make more than one pillow with your foam crumb. If you only need the one, why not use the rest to create fill a bean bag?

Materials You’ll Need

  • Two pieces of 8”x 8” fabric of your choice.
  • One piece of 4” x 4” coloured felt.
  • A 10” – 12” piece of ribbon.
  • Pins
  • A sewing machine or a needle and thread.
Let’s Make a Tooth Fairy Pillow!

Begin by sewing the 4” x 4” piece of felt to one of your pieces of fabric. Sew the bottom and sides, leaving the top open. This forms the pocket for where your child’s tooth can be placed.

Next, take your piece of ribbon. Pin both ends to the back side of your front piece of fabric.

After this, you should pin your two pieces of pillow fabric together, ensure that the ribbon handle is tucked into the middle of both fabric pieces.

Now hand sew or machine stitch the left side, the top side (through the ribbon) and the right side.

Ensure that you leave the bottom of your tooth fairy pillow open so that you can stuff it using foam crumb. The next step as you may have already guessed is to take your foam crumb and fill up your pillow. When you’re finished, simply sew the bottom of the pillow shut.

For some extra detail, you could consider adding more to the pocket to liven up your pillow even more. Why not cut out a tooth shape, fairy shape or even your child’s initials from felt?

Once you’ve done this, you can stitch the shapes to the pocket, before sewing it to your pillow fabric.

Purchasing Foam Crumb

It’s easy to order foam crumb from GB Foam Direct. Simply place an order of the foam crumb that you’d like to use in your pillow and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t forget that all orders placed before 11:00 AM Monday – Thursday are generally delivered on the next working day!

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