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How To Easily Purchase and Fit New Sofa Cushions

New Sofa Cushions Buy Foam UK

Is your sofa a shell of its former self? Has it begun to sag and droop? Is it nowhere near as comfortable as it once was? It seems as if you need some new sofa cushions. Here at GB Foam Direct, we specialise in foam cut to size and can provide you with brand new sofa cushions in practically no time at all.

Before You Order Your New Sofa Cushions

It’s easy to purchase new sofa cushions directly from us. All you need to do is follow the five simple steps as outlined on our foam cut to size page. Before you begin, however, remove the old foam from your sofa. These will act as a measurement guide for ordering your new sofa cushions. Grab a tape measure and measure the length, width, and height of the sofa cushions you wish to replace. For the best fit, try to make sure that these measurements are as accurate as possible. Also write down these measurements somewhere, you’ll need them later on.

Purchasing New Sofa Cushions From GB Foam Direct

Our five steps to ordering brand new sofa cushions couldn’t be easier.

Step 1 involves selecting the right room template to suit your needs. We have a total of 24 templates to choose from, as well as a custom foam template to create unique shapes.

For step 2, you’ll need to input the measurements that you took earlier. Input your measurements using mm, cm or inches depending on your preference.

Next, you’ll need to choose your foam type. We here at GB Foam Direct work with a multitude of different foam types ranging from memory foam to reticulated foam. For sofa cushions, we’d recommend our premium foam.

After you’ve chosen the perfect foam type, you’ll need to select whether you require add-ons. Addons such as stockinette and dacron, make it easier to fit and remove your sofa cushions into covers.

Finally, all you’ll need to do is place your order. Try to place your order before 11:30 am between Monday and Thursday. This way we’ll dispatch your order for delivery on the next working day.

Fitting Your New Sofa Cushions

Due to the friction generated by foam and sofa cushion covers, it can sometimes be tricky to easily fit your new sofa cushions. As such, we strongly recommend that you choose to include dacron and stockinette with your new sofa cushions in order to make this process much easier. Stockinette allows for improved glide when inserting your new sofa cushions into their covers, whilst dacron helps to provide more lift and protection for your sofa cushions. This is also very much beneficial for cleaning your sofa cushion covers.

Personally, we find it easier to turn new sofa cushions onto their side when refitting the cover. Try to make sure that the seam and the welt are lined up correctly, then pull it over one corner. Once that corner is fitted, turn your new sofa cushion onto its other side and repeat the process. Once the cover is on both corners, simply pull it over the rest of the sofa cushion and fasten it securely.

An Extra Tip To Fit Your New Sofa Cushions

If you find that you’re still struggling to fit your new sofa cushions into the covers, give this a go. All you’ll need is a vacuum cleaner with a nozzle and a black bin liner. Upholsterers have been using this trick for ages, with silk film, however, a black plastic bag will work just as well.

Before starting, ensure that there are no holes in your bin liner. What you’ll need to do is place your new sofa cushions inside the black bag and bunch the end. Place your vacuum cleaner nozzle into the bunched end and switch it on. If done correctly, the foam cushion should begin to shrink. Once it has shrunk down fully, place it inside your cushion cover and then switch off and remove the vacuum nozzle. What you’ll find is that your new sofa cushion will begin to expand inside the cover. Now all you need to do is tear away the bag, making sure there is no excess left inside. After this, simply fasten the cushion cover.

That’s it! Congratulations on easily purchasing and fitting your new sofa cushions from GB Foam Direct.

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