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Classic Single Memory Foam Mattress

£ 179.99

Our best selling single memory foam mattress, offering great value for money while providing ultimate comfort.

Featuring our luxury 50kg/m3 memory foam and our 30kg/m3 high density support layer CNC cut with our unique tear airflow system to ensure that you get a brilliant night’s sleep without overheating. The combination of temperature sensitive memory foam and a high density support layer means our  mattresses closely conform to your unique shape and helps cradle your body and avoid unnecessary pressure on your body and muscles. Resulting in a deeper more restful sleep.

Unlike a coil spring mattress, there are no pressure points in places like your shoulders, hips, and knees. Your back is better supported because the mattress conforms to your back and helps it hold its natural shape.

Overall Firmness – Soft / Medium

Mattress Size: Single
Dimensions: 3ft x 6ft 3” (90cm x 190cm)
Total Depth: 21cm
Memory Foam Depth: 5cm
Memory Foam Grade: 50kg/m3 Premium
Firmness: Soft / Medium
Availability: Next Day

Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Carole Beer

    I ordered the new mattress at 11 am and it arrived by 10 am the next day amazing service the mattress itself is of a fantastic quality and my daughter found it incredibly comfortable.

  • Nigel Leigh

    Excellent service. Very nice mattress, if a little soft compared to what I am used to. Very comfortable, moulds to your body making it very supportive. Service was excellent, ordered before 11am Thursday and delivered the next day (Friday), and during the pandemic. When most other companies are saying 6-8 weeks for delivery!… Yes, i will use GB Foam direct again.

  • Julie Bishop

    Bought 3 of these for each of our children so I'm glad they're good quality. Thanks!

  • Leslie Kent

    So easy and convenient to order. Arrived the day after I purchased it.

  • Victoria Loveless

    Our daughter loves her new mattress thank you.

  • Grant Thorne

    Just moved in and have been sleeping on a blow up bed for the past week. This is a welcome change! What a great mattress.

  • Louise Spicer

    My son's new mattress honestly considering stealing it for the night.

  • Paul Symonds

    Had an old friend stay the night over the weekend and they commented on the mattress multiple times.

  • Angela Collins

    Never bought a mattress online before, but I'm so pleased with it.

  • Ann Jackson

    A really great mattress. Bought for our boy, but I gave it a quick test when it first arrived. He seems to like it as well.

  • Kate Scott

    Recently changed the loft into a room for our daughter after finding out we're expecting again. This mattress is wonderful, I'm quite jealous actually.

  • Peter Strange

    A lovely mattress. Sitting in our guest room now and I'm considering a night in there.

  • Paul Standing

    Bed time just got a little better :)

  • Vanessa Reeve

    Great mattress at a reasonable price, thank you so much..

  • Helen Robson

    Just moved into a new apartment, room is small but this mattress helps makes up for it thankyou :)

  • Lisa Bradley

    This is our daughter's new mattress and she hasn't stopped talking about how great her bed is now.

  • Tom Hasler

    Currently in the guestroom considering buying a double now.

  • Karen Frost

    Sleeping great lately. Thanks GB Foam Direct!

  • Wayne Johnson

    Great mattress glad I ordered from here.

  • Matt Eden

    Lovely and soft, I would recommend this to everyone.

  • Leah Hardy

    This is a great mattress, my first time sleeping on memory foam and I prefer it to regular mattresses.

  • Carol Parker

    very comfy for a single.

  • Cassandra White

    quick and easy delivery and very comfortable too.

  • Louise Torres

    went perfectly in the guest room.

  • Jeremy Brooks

    Excellent price and a quick delivery, thankyou

  • Diane White

    Really wasn't expecting a kids mattress to be quite so comfortable. great job GB foam.

  • Greg Phillips

    Really good as an effective guest room mattress.

  • Judith Parker

    My little boy was really excited by his new bed and its a fantastic price too.

  • John Campbell

    perfect for the kids room

  • Cynthia James

    Excellent for price

  • Henry Williams

    Fantastic for the spare room, so comfy

  • Linda Moore

    Picked up a couple of these for the kids and had no complaints yet, good work GB foam

  • Kathryn Hough

    Put it in the guest room, it hasn't seen much use yet but first impressions were good.

  • Toby Marks

    Recently moved into a flat with a couple of friends and didn't have enough space in my room for a double, unfortunately. Glad I found this mattress though. It's really comfy and I ended up spending less than I expected to.

  • Jillian Taylor

    Lovely & soft, just what you want from a mattress./

  • Victoria Mason

    We bought this for our son for his new home and he said he really likes it.

  • Nathan Roberts

    Daughter is happy with it. She slept like Princess and the pea as we hadn't got rid of her old mattress yet :-)

  • James Carter

    I bought this mattress for my eldest sons bed and it is very good. Will be returning to buy another when our youngest needs one.

  • Brian Price

    Teenage son likes it a lot. Now to get a large machine to throw him out of bed in the morning.

  • Megan Page

    Bought three of these for our kids and they seem to really like them. I've laid on it a few time myself and I can see why.

  • Morgan Adams

    Super mattress, nice and comfy to suit my needs and a lot better priced than some of the other more popular brands.

  • Rebecca Johnston

    This is our new guestroom mattress, I'm seriously considering sleeping in there more haha! :)

  • Catherine Wood

    This is our daughters new mattress and she keeps telling us how much she loves here new bed lol. Made bed time easier.

  • Diana Bailey

    Used in a guest room, had no complaints :)

  • Ian Hamilton

    Soooooooooooooo comfortable! Going to order a single one now for our spare room.

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