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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Dean Hazel

    Arrived the very next day after I had paid.

  • Sam Foster

    Great work guys 5 stars.

  • Stewart Weaver

    Was a little unsure which foam would be best for this. Luckily they have some handy suggestions when you're putting in details and I'm very happy with what I ended up with.

  • Ross Mills

    Very well made, exactly as I asked it to be.

  • Dennis Wilson

    Ordering was the easy part now I need to upholster the stools.

  • Gary Bonner

    Sizing was dead on and the quality of the foam is top notch.

  • Robert Banks

    These guys must deliver by rocket. Super fast.

  • Colin Mulford

    Never usually leave a review but I was so happy with my foam and the professionalism of GB Foam that I decided to do so this time.

  • Ali Robinson

    Thank you for your help, you earned these 5 stars.

  • Tom Mullen


  • Gordon Scott

    My order arrived on time and seems to all be in order.

  • Annabelle Mundy

    A slight error with the measurements (all my fault) luckily I noticed my mistake in time and they were able to fix it for me.

  • Sophie Jones

    Comfy, comfy, comfy x

  • Rita Bradley

    Can't wait to finish for the Christmas period going to sit on my new cushion and sink my head into a good book :)

  • Danielle Warburton

    Fabulous. Fits into our old lounge chair covers. A little bit of fighting to get it in, but I think that was mostly me doing it wrong.

  • Angus Strachan

    Ideal. Fast delivery and a reasonable price.

  • David Levis

    A very well done to you GB Foam crew.

  • Paula McManus

    This website is the best. New sofa cushions just before Crimbo :) xx

  • Gemma Davies

    Changed out the full suite. No more punching my sofa cushions into shape!

  • Ian Crabbe

    Fantastic foam and a fine price.

  • Judith Fisher

    Finally saved up enough to change out the horrid old cushions in our caravan and what a great purchase it was! Thank you very much GB Foam, you've made me very happy indeed.

  • Kevin Foster

    Great fit! Bought the dacron and stockinette which was a worthwhile investment.

  • Rosemary Bulman

    The sofa cushions are extremely comfortable. Such an improvement on the originals.

  • David Adkins

    Like owning a new sofa at a fraction of the cost! Wonderful

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