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Latest Foam Cut To Size & Product Reviews

  • Janice Pomfret

    A very professional service and a wonderful mattress which is going to make a big difference.

  • Joanna Trewin

    So impressed with this mattress. I've already told my parents to buy one as well.

  • Paula Hills

    Wonderful! If you're in two minds, buy it. Highly recommended.

  • Alex Michalik

    Low price, high quality. The perfect combination.

  • Paul Standing

    Bed time just got a little better :)

  • Julia Merritt

    No regrets. The quality speaks for itself.

  • Roy Glasper

    Glad this turned out to be a good mattress. Always a gamble ordering online.

  • Susan Lamb

    Bought one for our boy, just ordered one for our own bed. That should say enough.

  • Robert Shearer

    Easy enough to fit in as long as you have a bit of know how. That's been part of the fun for me as we've been fixing up the van over time.

  • Lee Paxton

    Nothing better than kicking back and relaxing on some top class foam!

  • Stanley Snow

    Happy with the foam kit and the price I paid.

  • Stuart Mitchell

    Saved me so much hassle. If you need some new foam save yourself the effort and just order here.

  • Brett Pond

    Fits perfectly. As for the service from GB Foam... exceptional. Thank you.

  • Ken Limbert

    Would recommend this foam kit to anybody looking to add some extra comfort to their van.

  • Gary Innis

    I used to sleep with two sets of pillows, but since owning this find I only need the one.

  • Nicola Liddell

    Love my pet wedge! I use it every day and find a lot less fur around the home as a result.

  • Malcolm Hayward

    Very fast delivery.

  • Jeanette Arnold

    Replaced out an old cushion and the difference is very noticeable.

  • Katie Bawden

    A great buy :D x

  • Neil Allinson

    Thank you.

  • Betty Warner

    Used to pack out scatter cushions and plenty left to do more if I feel like it.

  • Alice Billingsley

    A handy little product at very little cost. If you're a crafty sort like I am, this is a good thing to have around.

  • Kadir Rashid

    Nice foam crumb.

  • Warren Knight

    Excellent service and a great acoustic foam kit. Easy to mount and look awesome up on the walls.

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