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How To Create Your Own Custom Scatter Cushions

Scatter Cushions Foam UK Pillows

Make Quality Scatter Cushions at Home.

Scatter cushions are the focal point that your home needs. If you’re looking to incorporate a homely feel into your humble abode, this brilliant guide can teach you how! Learn how to make your very own, quality scatter cushions at home. There’s no need for generic designs and no need for hefty price tags.

Making your own scatter cushions means that you’ll be able to tailor them to your taste at an affordable price. Soon enough you’ll be scattering joy throughout your bed, sofa, bay window seat or more; the possibilities really are endless! Excited? Well, let’s not delay any longer.

Get The Right Foam For The Perfect Scatter Cushions.

First thing’s first. You can’t make scatter cushions without the correct tools and materials. We all know that preparation is key, so there are a few things you’ll need before we can begin. Before we go too far, the most important thing you’ll need is the scatter cushion filling. There’s no point making your cushions look fantastic if they’re lacking in comfort. For this project, we highly recommend using crumb foam.

Here at GB Foam, we’ve been proudly supplying quality foam to many happy customers for over 40 years! Since taking to the internet, we’ve been providing a range of quality foam products for a wide variety of customers.

No matter what foam you require, we’re more than capable of meeting your needs. Simply place your order on our website and before you know it, you’ll have the perfect scatter cushion filling.

Everything Else You’ll Need to Make Scatter Cushion Covers.

Now you’ve got your crumb foam, you need to make your covers. Traditionally scatter cushions follow a theme, but are still somewhat different in appearance. This could be anything from differing geometric shapes to a theme about Britain’s favourite biscuits.

If you want to create cushions in this manner, you’ll need various different cuts of material. Remember to pick material a that’s comfortable and sized appropriately depending on how small or large you wish your cushions to be.

You’ll also need some dressmaker scissors, a tape measure, tailor’s chalk, sewing needles, pins and cotton (colour dependent). We also recommend using a sewing machine, a method in which this guide will be addressing. You can, of course, hand sew the cushions if you wish, however.

How To Make The Perfect Scatter Cushions

Firstly you’ll need to cut two equal squares from your fabric, the size of which will depend on how big you wish your scatter cushions to be. Fold the fabric over itself equally, then draw a straight line down the centre of the fabric using the tailor’s chalk; this is where you’ll make the cut. For reference purposes, cushions measuring 18″ x 18″ use two sheets of fabric measuring 49cm in both width and height. Before you make the cut, ensure that you’ve folded the fabric over itself so that both squares have two layers. This will make life much easier during the sewing process.

Once you’ve cut your fabric appropriately, it’s time to begin sewing! Naturally a sewing machine is going to make this process much quicker and easier, however, both methods are fine. Before you start, make sure that the thread you’re using suits the fabric of your choice.

To start, the cushion cover with the fold must be placed to your left and the back, under the needle. Make sure you leave an approximate gap of five inches and then begin sewing down the first corner. Flip the cover over and repeat this process. If you find the gap you’ve left is too small, simply unpick it and try again.

Next, turn the cushion outwards; if it’s excessively creased you can iron it. Insert the crumb foam you’ve picked up from GB Foam into the open gap and sew it shut. Make sure that the cushion cover is filled sufficiently to your liking. Sewing this shut could be tricky on a sewing machine and you may prefer to do this part by hand, if not doing so already.

Congratulations on Your New Scatter Cushions!

And that’s it! It really is that simple. Just repeat this process as much as you please in order to create quality scatter cushions for your home. Don’t forget to pick up your crumb foam from GB Foam to add the best level of comfort and to make this simple process that bit easier.

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