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How to Make a Memory Foam Bean Bag

Memory Foam Bean Bag Crumb Foam

Ultimate relaxation comes in the form of a memory foam bean bag. Most people know bean bags to be full of polystyrene beans; hence the name! Whilst these bean bags are reasonably good to sit on, they simply do not measure up to the level of comfort memory foam provides. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, highly versatile and wonderfully comfortable way to make any room cosy, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Benefits of a Memory Foam Bean Bag

A memory foam bean bag offers so much variety and versatility. They’re light, easily repaired, cheap to produce and most importantly extremely comfortable. These bean bags can be used practically anywhere in the house. Being so lightweight, they’re incredibly mobile; meaning they’re simple to move from room to room. Relax outside in the sun with a great book, in front of the TV, or work on your laptop. Whatever you may be doing, a memory foam bean bag is certain to make the experience much more enjoyable.

When making your bean bag, we advise that you include an outer zipped, Velcro or buttoned cover. This will make your bean bag much easier to clean in case of accidental spillages. You could even get a few different covers in different colours and patterns. This could help to make your bean bag more appealing to other members of the family. Why not try a bright and fun pattern for kids or something a bit more refined for the adults?

Memory Foam vs. Polystyrene Bean Bag

As bean bags are filled with a multiple collective of small particles, they are known to be extremely malleable. This in turn, results in the high level of comfort they are so famous for. Bean bags are generally filled with numerous polystyrene beans or beads. However, we at GB Foam have discovered the formula for the ultimate bean bag.

Choosing to fill your bean bag with pure memory foam crumb will result in an overall much greater sitting experience. Memory foam is without a doubt much more comfortable than polystyrene is. As the memory foam is crumbed, filling your bean bag with it will still retain its malleable abilities. You’ll still have a highly versatile and easily workable bean bag, yet with increased levels of comfort.

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to accidentally tear a hole in a polystyrene filled bean bag, you’ll know how unpleasant it is. The beans roll out instantly and everywhere. Try as you may to find them all, you’ll be discovering polystyrene beans throughout your house for months to come. A memory foam bean bag will not cause you such distress. Memory foam crumb particles are larger than polystyrene beans. This means that they’re less likely to fall out through a small split. Even if they do, they’ll be much easier to find. The filling used in this type of bean bag is also not round meaning that it won’t roll away.

Buy Memory Foam Crumb for Your Bean Bag At GB Foam Direct

GB Foam are experts in all things foam related. We stock three ranges of foam crumb in 5kg or 10kg bags. Choose from our ultimate bean bag stuffing, a high density mixed crumb or a pure memory foam crumb. All are suitable for use in bean bags and will provide you with different levels of firmness depending on your preference. For further information on our crumb foam, make sure to visit Bean Bag Foam Stuffing & Crumb Foam For Pillows.

You now know the formula for creating the ultimate bean bag! Soon enough you’ll be sitting, slumping and snoozing with ease.

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