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Truck Bed Mattresses For Long-Haul Drivers.

Sleeper Cab Truck Bed Mattresses Bed Foam

The Best Truck Bed Mattresses Around.

If you’re a long-haul truck driver, you’ll understand the importance of high quality truck bed mattresses. As a long-haul truck driver, it’s more important than ever to get a great night’s rest. This is because you’ll need to stay alert in order to arrive on time and get the job done. GB Foam Direct are specialists in the foam industry and provide a wide range of custom truck bed mattresses. For the best night’s rest during those long-haul journeys, choose GB Foam Direct.

Importance of High Quality Truck Bed Mattresses.

Statistics indicate that approximately 40% of collisions involving HGV’s are caused as a result of driver fatigue. This is all the more reason to ensure that drivers are able to receive the correct quality of rest. Whether you manage a team of drivers or are a driver yourself, road safety is of the utmost importance.

Driver fatigue is linked to more than 750 fatalities and 20,000+ accidents every single year. By following the correct guidelines and providing a comfortable means to rest, these statistics could be lessened. Those that drive for extended periods of time (10 consecutive hours) dramatically increase the risk of a collision.

EU Drivers Hours rules state that all drivers must be allocated a consecutive 11 hours rest in each 24-hour working period. During these rest periods, drivers should rest in a manner which is considered to be comfortable and relaxing. This is to help protect a driver’s physical state of health and to ensure that they do not remain fatigued. Truck bed mattresses from GB Foam Direct provide the ultimate solution. Expertly made from the highest quality material, our truck bed mattresses provide long lasting support and comfort. They help reduce driver fatigue and prevent damage to the neck and spinal area.

Truck Bed Mattresses Any Shape, Any Size.

GB Foam Direct offer a bespoke foam cut to size service, meaning we can help no matter what size truck bed mattresses you require. All you’ll need to do is follow the five simple steps as outline on our website. These include choosing from our range of foam shapes, inputting your desired measurements, selecting which foam you require, selecting add-ons and finally placing your order. As an added bonus, all orders placed with GB Foam Direct before 11:00am will be shipped for next day delivery as standard.

You’ll find that truck bed mattresses purchased from GB Foam Direct are significantly cheaper than other online retailers. This isn’t because they are lacking in quality, but simply because we are both the manufacturer and retailer of our products. We choose to price our products competitively, because we can afford to; simply by cutting out the “middleman”.

Whether you’re an individual driver searching for high quality truck bed mattresses, or you manage a fleet of drivers, GB Foam can meet your needs. If you need to purchase multiple truck bed mattresses, for a fleet of HGV’s, GB Foam Direct can even work with you to offer a greater discount. Simply call GB Foam Direct on 01494 441177 to discuss further details.

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