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Make an Upholstered Headboard with Headboard Foam

Headboard Foam - Make An Upholstered Head Board

Headboard Foam Helps Create a Central Hub of Cosiness

Looking to up the cosiness of your bedroom? You surely won’t go amiss upholstering your very own headboard using headboard foam.

Naturally your bedroom should be the comfiest place in your home. After all, it’s the place you retire to rest after a hard day’s work. The place you spend long lazy weekends in. The place you cuddle up in with a loved one. Your bed should be the central hub of cosiness, adorned in luxurious sheets with an exceptional mattress upon the frame. If you haven’t already, make sure to visit our sister company Lion Mattresses. There you’ll find supreme quality, handmade, memory foam mattresses at exceptional prices.

Once you’ve got your soft sheets and magnificent mattress, you’re all done right? Wrong! To truly complete your bed, an upholstered headboard made using headboard foam is a must.

It’s Easy to Make an Upholstered Headboard with Headboard Foam.

It’s easy to create your very own upholstered headboard. At GB Foam, we can provide you with all the headboard foam you’ll need to do so. Our comprehensive and easy to follow guide will show you just how simple it is. All you’re going to need is plywood cut to size (half an inch in thickness), headboard foam from GB Foam, batting, a spray adhesive, nailhead trim and a fabric of your choosing.

The Simple Steps to Making Your Own Upholstered Headboard.

First of all, you’re going to need to cut your plywood to size. This will involve using a saw and ideally a saw horse. Make sure that you’re comfortable with using these tools, if not find somebody that is. We don’t want you hurting yourself. Alternatively you can purchase a piece of plywood pre-cut to the size you desire. Your headboard should be as wide as the width of your bed and as high as you prefer.

Once you have your plywood cut to size, you’ll also need some quality headboard foam. This is where the comfort will come from, so you’re going to need superior foam. We at GB Foam provide the highest quality of foam on the market and can also cut it to any size or shape. Visit our Foam Cut to Size page to order bespoke headboard foam made to measure.

Your batting should be wider and longer than your plywood and headboard foam. Allow at least two inches all around. This way you’ll be able to pull the batting over the plywood in order to secure it properly.

Take your headboard foam and mount it to your plywood using a spray adhesive. Once the glue is dry, lay the batting over the foam, turn the board over and secure using staples. Repeat this process using your fabric of choice. Make sure to fold the corners neatly and trim excess fabric in order to keep it looking presentable.

Turn your headboard over topside, line up the nailhead trim and work it around the outer edges. Make sure that the nailhead trim is affixed firmly into the headboard foam and plywood. A small rubber mallet will help with this.

Congratulations on Your New Upholstered Headboard.

And there you have it, your very own upholstered headboard using headboard foam! Wasn’t that easy? Remember to mount it to your wall securely using screws or hooks coupled with D-rings.

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