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High Density Foam, What is it?

High Density Foam - Buy Online UK

Upgrade to High Density Foam

High Density Foam can be used for a variety of different projects. Looking to upgrade your mattress, bay window seats, sofa, chair cushions, caravan cushions, camping bed or camper van? Using high density foam is an excellent way to do so. It’s the best way to ensure both reliability and long-lasting comfort in your seating.

What High Density Foam is

High density foam has a compact cell structure and as such is very dense, hence the name. As a result of this, it is known to be incredibly durable which helps to ensure longevity. When used in a sofa, for example, we can note how its unique structure works to conform to the contours of a user’s shape. This does so whilst still providing excellent levels of support and is able to quickly spring back into its original form.

Unlike some cushion fillings, sofa cushions containing this foam do not tend to sag as frequently. Being so structurally compact is the main reason this foam type has such an impressive lifespan.

Density in foam applies in the same way as any other use of the word. It essentially is used to indicate the mass of a material per a measurable size or volume. The way the density of foam is measured is by weighing a 12 x 12 x 12 block of the material. So for example, if a certain foam grade is stated to weigh 2.5lb’s, that is how much a 12 x 12 x 12 block of it weighs.

The general rule is – the higher the density, the greater the longevity! High density foam is known to be long-lasting and is unlikely to break down at the same rate low or medium density foam could.

Buy Online From GB Foam Direct

GB Foam is the UK’s longest online retailer of high-quality foam. Foam converting is our business and we know how to do it correctly. We’ve been providing our quality products for over 40 years and now offer customers the ability to purchase custom cut foam online.

To order high density foam for your sofa cushions, chairs, camper van or any other product, visit our foam cut to size page. From here, follow our five simple steps to receive your order delivered directly to your door.

Firstly select a shape from our selection of foam templates. If you’re searching for a unique shape, we also offer the ability to create custom shapes cut specifically for your project.

Once you’ve selected your shape, provide us with the measurements you require.

After this, you’ll need to select the foam you wish to purchase. We have a variety of different foam types to choose from, many with a high density.

Add-ons are the next step. You can choose to add both dacron and stockinette to your order. This helps to add loft to your foam cushions and makes it easier to insert them into covers.

Finally, you just need to place your order. All orders made before 11:00 am are dispatched to you for the next working day delivery.

Buy High Density Foam Cut to Size

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