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Acoustic Foam For YouTubers & Streamers

acoustic foam for youtubers and streamers on Twtich, Youtube & Facebook Gaming

The competition for content creators on YouTube and other streaming platforms like Twitch appears to be ever-expanding. As the technology to create video content becomes more accessible, many are trying their hand at content creation. Thinking of trying it for yourself? It could start as a hobby and evolve into something more; perhaps even a full-time job!

Acoustic Foam for YouTubers & Streamers – Keep Your Audience Enthused

To keep yourself in the running, you’ll naturally want to craft the best content for your audience. Engaging content is, of course, fundamental to success on YouTube, Twitch or anywhere else for that matter. But how else can you refine your videos?

A great video camera is a start. One that captures footage in clear definition (nobody likes to be able to count the pixels on the videos they watch). Recording equipment is also important. If your audience can’t properly hear you, that’s going to cause a big problem. And while we’re on the topic of sound, let’s also address your room acoustics.

Acoustic Foam for Content Creators

So, you’ve set up your station to create content. Great work! You create a video and everything goes swimmingly.

That is until you get to the editing phase. Now you’re noticing issues with your sound. Sure, it could be your recording equipment, but there’s a high probability that your room acoustics are to blame for any interference.

The way sound interacts with your environment can wreak havoc on your final recordings. That is unless you have the proper acoustic treatment installed.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to commission the help of the world’s most talented audio technicians. A little acoustic foam can go a long way in helping you out.

Acoustic Foam for YouTubers – Get Acoustic Treatment

If you watch a lot of other content creators on YouTube, Twitch, or the likes of, you may well have noticed acoustic foam panels mounted on the wall behind them.

No, these aren’t just for decoration (although we do stock some pretty great colours). They’re in place to help improve room acoustics. Ultimately, this helps to refine the quality of the content being created, by making audio much clearer.

Here at GB Foam Direct, we stock a range of acoustic foam tiles, bass traps and corner cubes to help you easily get the acoustic treatment you need. We even stock premade room kits if you want the full works in one convenient package.

Gaming Foam Pads For Streaming Studio Setups

If you’re a regular on Twitch, you’ve likely seen a lot of popular streamers with foam on their walls in the background. This isn’t just an aesthetic choice, those foam pads are also there for a very specific reason.

Poor room acoustics can absolutely ruin what could otherwise be a fantastic streaming setup. If a streamer’s voice is distorted through echoing and reverberation it can be very distracting for their audience. Being used to the room acoustics, the streamer may not even notice the sound quality is an issue until they watch any footage back (which isn’t very useful if they were live streaming in the first place).

Retain Your Audience with SoundFix

If you’re already a streamer or are looking to get started, you should never neglect your room acoustics; it’s more important than you may initially think.

Creating a good first impression is vital to retaining an active following. If somebody drops into one of your streams only to find that your sound quality is poor, they may not stick around or ever come back for subsequent streams. That’s a potential that could have been retained with one simple fix. Now imagine this same scenario for every viewer that decided to watch your content.

To fix this issue, you need to use high-quality acoustic foam products. There are plenty out there on the market but not all are of equal quality. In fact, there are a lot of poor products available to buy that are generally shipped from overseas. Poor quality gaming foam pads (acoustic foam tiles) will be extremely thin, will likely arrive compressed/plastic-wrapped and may not even pass proper fire safety regulations. They will do practically nothing to help improve your room acoustics.

All of our SoundFix acoustic foam products on the other hand are designed to properly improve room acoustics. They are made from high-quality materials and meet proper UK fire safety standards. We also offer products such as bass traps and corner cubes for a full acoustic treatment setup. Our products even come in multiple colours including red, blue and grey.

Why Acoustic Foam for Youtubers & Streamers is Important

There are plenty of ways in which sound can interfere with your recordings. Not all sound waves travel directly from the source to your recording device. Some bounce off of solid surfaces prior to reaching your recording device.

We call these sound waves reflections and it’s these which can cause issues with sound recording. By softening vulnerable surfaces with specialist acoustic foam, you can prevent a majority of these annoying sound waves from ruining your videos or live streams.

Our acoustic foam is designed to absorb sound wave energy. By absorbing large portions of energy contained within reflected sound waves, they cannot travel as far as they usually would. This prevents them from reaching your recording device and ruining your videos.

There’s plenty more to learn about acoustic foam and the way sound works. If you would like to know more, be sure to visit our acoustic foam page. Here you’ll find more detailed information on how acoustic foam can help you and you can find out more about our range of acoustic foam products.

Of course, if you have any questions that you would like our experts to answer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Head over to our contact page to send us a message.

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