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Fibre Cushion Replacement – Upgrade Your Sofa.

Fibre Cushion Replacement Foam

More and more sofa manufacturers are turning to fibre cushions as an alternative to foam. For the life of us, we can’t work out why! Perhaps it’s because they’re cheaper to produce than their foam counterpart? Maybe they just don’t understand ease and comfort like we at GB Foam do? Bought a sofa with saggy fibre cushions? For ultimate superiority in sofa comfort, fibre cushion replacement is a must! Just select your sofa cushion shape below to get started:

Fibre Cushion Replacement Combats Saggy Sofas.

Unlike fibre cushions, foam cushions require little to no maintenance in order to maintain their shape and quality. Fibre cushions on the other hand, require constant attention. They’re like children, always needing you to constantly tend to them. You didn’t fork out all that money just to introduce something else screaming out for attention throughout your every waking moment. Fail to fluff your fibre cushions; you’re going to be left with a mess. A horrible, misshapen pancake of a cushion unfit for the human behind. You may only need to fluff your cushions once a week to begin with. That’s not so bad right? Just you wait. Before you know it, you’ll be playing the metaphorical polyester accordion every single day of the week. Fibre cushion replacement will save you from this waking nightmare.

Fibre Cushion Replacement – Choose Foam.

Yes we’re called GB Foam and we certainly do love foam. You may think that makes us bias against fibre cushions. Whilst that may have an air of truth to it, fibre cushions still are obsolete to foam. Choose GB Foam for your fibre cushion replacement and you’ll see exactly where we’re coming from. You may find some articles out there making fibre cushions sound quite comfy and alluring; “Like sitting on a cloud”. In reality clouds provide no comfort and simply the irritating ability to soak you with rain water.

Foam however provides long lasting comfort. It maintains its shape, is brilliant for those requiring back support and isn’t needy like fibre. Foam has the uncanny ability to support the user whilst maintaining a firm, yet comfortable shape. Fibre however sinks like a meatball in marinara. Sofas are designed to be sat on not in. When’s the last time you visited a friend only to be asked to “pop yourself in the sofa”? Being sucked into the sofa monster isn’t comfortable, it’s terrifying! Tame that monster with fibre cushion replacement.

Fibre Cushion Replacement With GB Foam.

Decided to ditch those sinking fibre cushions? Well here’s what you need to do. First of all, try your very hardest to pull yourself out of the sofa. Once accomplished visit our Foam cut to size page. You’re going to need to remove your sofa cushions and accurately measure them. Once you’ve got your measurements, choose from GB Foam’s wide range of high quality foam products. Our five simple steps as outlined on the page will guide you throughout the process. The good news is that all orders made before 11:00 am will be cut and dispatched for next working day delivery. Make sure to get your orders in early. Soon enough you’ll be rid of those saggy fibre cushions for good!

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